lazy dreams

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yes people it is time that i tell you a little something about my love for the virgin suicides.

ok number 1 – sophia coopala is a genius, everything she touches is magic, im not exaggerating, ive seen all of her films and each one is the perfect blend of image and feel. they all have this vibe that makes you wanna lay in a bed with lots of blankets and pillows. its a sense of mundane life or something… anyway they rock but specifically the virgin suicides. i read the book last summer and it is pretty close to the movie.

number 2 – i love the interaction that the boys have that are obsessed with the lisbon girls. they are real, curious, boys trying to figure out the great mystery of the female.

number 3-  Kristen dunst is so great.

number 4 – i think another reason why im so obsessed with this film is the dreamy aesthetic mixed with the super dark tones of the events. there is something about their airy white dresses and the fact that it always feels like sundown, a lazy summer feeling.

number 5- i love the roll of the parents and how intense and passive they are at the same time, every line delivered in a quite tone yet they are so conservative and strict

number 6 – this is the ultimate source for design inspiration. the colors are always perfect to choose a color pallet from, each scene is set up so beautifully.

i love this movie… go see it now!

oh also the sound track is amazing! done by the band air… check them out kids!


chanel & why i want to be a witch

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so lately i have been obsessed with being a witch, ok that sounds a little intense, i have been really into the mysterious ghostly creepy aesthetic of witches! i mean just tell me there isnt a super awesome vibe to these pictures

ha, just what i thought! you love it too! i knew you would :). so now that we are all sitting in an imaginary circle with candles and sheets and beads, let us draw our attention to this lovely piece of darky witchy fashion magic oh man karl you know the way to my heart. so i have a long history with chanel… no really i do. i have loved it since the beginning and let me tell you, every morning when i sprits my chanel mademoiselle perfume i get this beautiful feeling that the world is good, or at least it smells good! and i have this thing where i wont let myself step into a chanel store until i can actually purchase something from it, it is like this great treat that im saving until i can truly cherish it! i have mad respect for chanel, you know there just isnt any other fashion house with as much, oh whats the word… richness. its the tradition of the name, how ground breaking miss coco was with her invention of the little black dress, or heaven forbid women wearing pants! and the quality, and the brand that is always true but never stops reviving and reinventing the same aesthetic every season! it just doesnt get any better than chanel.


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hermes fall 2011—one word LUSH

photos via scott
oh you didnt know we are on a first name basis? we met twice… dont believe me? ill tell ya about it next post 🙂

as if i needed another reason to miss paris

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i feel like everything i have been soaking up inspiration wise the past few weeks has been involved with video… i love video, but let me tell you it is really hard to work with moving images. i took this visual media class a few semesters ago and had the hardest time coming up with ideas. i think if i took the class now i would kick some major ass, but cest la vie, hind sight is 20/20 (how’s that for two cliché phrases back to back?) but all this is to say how much i love/respect a good video… so here you have it ladies and gentlemen awesome type/video/paris magic

now dont you wanna know who made it? well a few people, gustav johansson was the director and albin holmqvist was responsible for the type. pure beauty these guys came up with. it kind of has the same romantic creative quality of these google commercials… makes me cry every time… i just love it when advertising is good, and thoughtful and not just a quick stab using prefabricated ideas that are guaranteed a specific reaction. it is so less and less that i really think advertising is unique so when something is… ill tell you about it! but go check out albin and gustav, they both have some really awesome stuff, just quality work ya know! oh and thanks to jessica svendsen for the links… so who wants to go to paris?

why flickr rulz/arian behzadi/full circle

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ok flickr is awesome… we all know this by now. it is endless place for inspiration, actual resources (flickr commons anyone?) and i love seeing how different people utilize it as a social media platform or just a place to showcase their work. one of my favorite aspects of flickr is that you can see someones work and also, if they keep up with it, thier actual inspiration from flickr… so you are inspired by someone and you also get to be inspired by what they are inspired by and it just goes on and on and maybe eventually it could get back to you…ahhh full circle!

ok geek out over

let me introduce my latest inspiration circle starter arian behzadi
i will give you a moment to take it in….

the vintage images… mix of cut and paste and paint, and dont get me started on the pastel colors… so good! so as i was jumping around arians page, i saw his inspiration set, which is equally delicious. and just at that moment i got a little taste of the full circle effect, well kinda.

my friend catharine and i have this blog, well actually it is more of a visual virtual dialog where we just post and colaborate on different stuff, layer tennis style but instead of lasting an hour… it will last forever 🙂
ok so cat just posted this and low and behold look what i found in arians favorites folder… it’s not the exact same thing but still how rad! i just love the internets sometimes, don’t you?

old photos are awesomeee

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ok lets make one thing clear…. i love vintage photography. actually i don’t love it, im obsessed. im always on the look out for old magazines from the 60’s or 70’s and once i find one you can see me devouring it, photocopying it, and using it as soon as possible in my next art project. i just started this book using old photos from my grandparents house that is quite possibly my favorite project ever. old photos and family members yesss! but you know what is even better than old family photos… old family photos reenacted years later. double yesssss! i would like to introduce buenos aires photographer irina werning. she started this awesome project called back to the future

‘I love old photos. I admit being a nosy photographer. As soon as I step into someone else’s house, I start sniffing for them. Most of us are fascinated by their retro look but to me, it’s imagining how people would feel and look like if they were to reenact them today… A few months ago, I decided to actually do this. So, with my camera, I started inviting people to go back to their future.’

i want to do it sooo badly sooo sooo badly… who’s with me… lets go back to the future!

s’ marvelous pretty baby

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ok so we all know i love the 1950’s and 60’s. you didnt… well i do and just with a little time with me you will too! there is just something about the style and the colors and patterns that were popular then that never ceses to inspire me. it’s the simplicity, the class, the bright colors and poka dots that are just so perfect! so combine some vintage imagery and patterns and almost any thrift store and what do you get? vintage album covers! today i spent a few hours at my favorite walmart size thrift store americas thrift store and like always i found some major inspiration! these images are from flickr, but this is the kind of stuff that is all over the thrift store. the imagery of course is beautiful, but the thing that always gets me is the typography. typefaces from back in the day were a lot less available and a lot better. you only had a few options but those options were on par! quality vs quantity people. and the color schemes! its like they had no boundaries they just did what they wanted. take the smavelous cover… i dont know if i would ever feel comfortable using rainbow typography, but there it just works. so lets take a note from these classics, use rainbow typography and wear fancy ball gowns.